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I have a very vivid memory of an 8-year-old me bawling my eyes out sitting on the couch with my mom trying to learn how to crochet. "You're not gonna get it on the first try", she said. I remember thinking that she had me messed up and I was going to get it and be good at it right then and there. Of course that didn't happen. I honestly don't remember crocheting again after that until a few years later when everything I tried to make turned into a triangle. About two years ago, I figured out how to keep my rows even while crocheting. I swear my mother never taught me how to (claims she did, mhmmmmm...). Just recently, I decided to pick up crocheting again to make a top for myself. Actually selling crochet pieces wasn't my ideas at all. My sister, who is always on the ball about monetizing what you know how to make and do, pointed the idea out to me when she saw me wearing the top. I didn't decide to sell crochet pieces until she said she'll them herself and I could just make them. (SUPER dead aka Got me messed up aka Girl bye aka No) It took me a couple of months to stop procrastinating, finish a few crochet pieces, and to develop this website (which I stayed up all night one night to put together) but it's finally out there. I am putting love, patience, and my need for perfection into each one of me pieces and I truly hope you all enjoy each and every piece!

Zhané Aliya is a 19-year- old college student that attends the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University as a Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising double major. Although she is still in college, she is using this time to not only obtain a degree and grow her talents, but to also use the time wisely to network, pinpoint exactly what she wants to do in the fashion industry, and to prosper in her businesses (YES with an "-es"!) that will give her a leg up when she graduates.